Arc Lena Surprise

                         Be Each Enterprise
                Surprise Enterprise
                         Jimmys Valentine
Arc Lena Surprise
                         Doc O Lena
                 Lonesome Sally Lena
                         Lone Pine Sally
ARH FLASHY SURPRISE (x Mc Jac Flash) - 2005 bay QH mare
ARH DUNIT ENTERPRISE (x Went N Dunn It) - 2007 bay QH stallion
ARH LIL RUF SURPRISE (x Sailin Ruf) - 2008 bay QH mare
ARH LENAS REVOLUTION (x Einsteins Revolution) - 2009 dun QH mare
ARH LOLLY STARLIGHT (x Bueno Starlight) - 2010 bay QH mare
ARH GREAT BABYSTEIN (x Great Resolve) - 2011 dun QH mare
ARH LUCY TINSELPRISE (x Tinsel Jac) - 2012 buckskin QH mare
ARH TRASHY SURPRISE (x Gunnatrashya) - 2013 bay QH stallion
ARH GAMES OLUTION (x Einsteins Revolution) - 2014 dun QH stallion
ARH LONESOME SPOOK (x Smart Spook) - 2015 bay QH stallion
ARH SURPRISE ME WHIZ (x Walla Walla Whiz) - 2017 bay QH mare
ARH DIABOLO SURPRISE (x Inferno 66) - 2018 bay QH stallion
ARH VOLCANO SURPRISE (x Inferno 66) - 2019 bay QH stallion
HYPP n/n, HERDA N/N, GBED N/N, PSSM1 n/n and MH n/n
Genetic tests:
Offspring (NRHA PE: $30,000):
     2000 bay QH mare
is in foal to Electric Code for 2021